To Edwin With Consideration


Dear Edwin,

I went to Anne Carson’s “String Talks” reading at NYU on a night just like this one last year.  Your class as well as her performance, a series of short readings / prose poems / personal essays lasting no more than 13 second each which she titled “Short Talks,” left me with the following considerations:

Consider: Gestalt psychology.  The relation of the body to personal narrative.  Particularly the use of the body in recovering narratives of trauma.

Consider: The process of image consolidation and its relationship to archetype.

Consider: The role of the father figure.

Consider: Small balls of string.

Consider: Why people buy glossy art magazines?  Co-consideration: I am thinking of calculating the ratio of full-page glossy ads from various galleries to actual text and calling this the “critic factor, a small death and other acts of terrorism.”

Consider: Is it possible to create art without judgment? What would a non-judgmental text look like? 

Consider: Point of view.

Consider: The functional use of O’Hara’s “Personism.”  Is this established in a reading where the audience participates?  How can we alter a performance as viewers?  Is it possible to have this type of “live space” in a written text?  How does it translate?

Consider: The relationship of mantra to artistic repetition.  Where does interiority become recursive?

Consider: How can I write a poem via the telephone? 

Consider: Magnetic fields.

Consider: The manipulation of audience and the power of attention.  How can performance subvert expectations?  How is discomfort related to the pleasure principle?  


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