Pilot for a Popular Campaign




June.  Sunset Drive, California.  An alley cat  emerges from a garbage can and takes to the strip.  A Coke can is tied to its paw with a purple hair ribbon.  The can bounces behind the cat, skittish in the dust.  

In the distance, a herd of elephants descends on the town from out of the hills.  They are wearing velveteen smoking jackets and discussing their next stampede.  Three of them are missing their trucks.

Above, an egret flies over the strip, shadowing an old yellow Cadillilac as it winds its way through the streets.  The bird is flying without expending any energy – as if he were a plastic toy hanging above the car, suspended from its antenna.  

Elephant: That damn bird’s been following us.

Cat: I saw him three days ago, hanging from the rearview mirror of somebody’s car.

Elephant: Who do you think he’s shadowing.

Cat: Rapture, I guess.


One thought on “Pilot for a Popular Campaign

  1. I love this. I wanted to draw the cat for the longest time, but my procrastination led me to a life a street art. I also can’t help to imagine that the elephants are not only missing their trucks, but their trunks as well. However, I can’t explain why…

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