Witness To A Live Birth.


Thanks to the efforts of the ever talented artist and designer, Joanna Neborsky, Gigantic is excited to be celebrating the birth of our own portal into the blinding world of webspace.  Check out our new website!

In addition to highlights from Issue I, including three stories by Giganticauthor Shane Jones and “On Meat Over Meat” with Gary Shteyngart, featured in this debut is the unveiling of Shya Scanlon’s latest chapter of Forecast, a momentous occasion we are tickled to be hosting.  For a full list of Forecast 42’s schedule, check Shya’s site.  Or, drop-in to literary hotspot, Spork , to read the previous chapter. 

We are also thrilled to feature Clearing (UXO), artwork from Thomas Doyle’s Reclamations Series.  For more on Doyle’s Reclamation Series check out his interview in Art Nouveau magazine.  Here’s a snippet: “The Reclamations series deals with the idea of romantic love – in all of its chaos, bliss, and pain.  The figures in this series are isolated or reunited, in danger or recently saved.  They’re also often in liminal states – which is the way most human relationships evolve and change.” 

In addition, we  have the honor of publishing a new story by J.A. Tyler.  I have been eagerly following the launch of Tyler’s novel, The Zoo, A Going here since its September 1st debut.  76 installments in 24 hour cycles.  Don’t miss Day 14!

* Photo by Thomas Doyle

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