Literary Share Holders Launch New Careers

Fly-Over State

I just caught wind of an innovative new opportunity for writers to become share holders in a whole new kind of market.  [Insert: Yes.  We Can Afford It.]

The good people over at Flatmancrooked have crafted a wildly attractive new model for launching novel(las) by new voices.  The principle is simple.  They nominate an author they want to “launch” – someone chosen from the annals of their previous publications – and we, the readers, get to buy “shares” in the publication of the author’s book.

Says Flatmancrooked: ” Funds raised from selling “shares” will alleviate front-end production costs and help build the author’s monetary advance. Each “share” will cost $10, and for every one you hold, you get a signed and numbered copy of the new story when it comes out in print. If you buy five “shares,” you get five signed copies. If you buy ten, ten. These slim books will be on the counters of bookstores across the country, but if you wait till then to get one, you won’t be able to say you helped launch a career.”


Currently on the docket: Emma Straub’s Fly-Over State.

Next thing you know they will launch a reality television show that outsmarts even The Donald.  Till then, I want in.  Buy your share here.

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