Electric Literature’s Single Sentence Animations

I first heard about Electric Literature’s new Single Sentence Animation project from a post created by my friend over at The Books section of The Faster Times, Lincoln Michel.  Lincoln and I often gchat from our respective publishing cubicles across town.  You can imagine my excitement when I returned to my desk from my fourth trip to the instant coffee machine – they now have Pumpkin Spice, a seasonal feature – and came back to find a new gchat with a link to a live SSA, a single sentence animation of one of Lydia Millet’s sentences du jour.

The first Issue of the SSA project features animation by Luca Diperro and Jonathan Ashley and sentences by Millet and Michael Cunningham.

Lydia Millet (”Sometimes he wished he could gather all the dogs he loved most and walk off the end of the world with them.”) and Michael Cunningham (”Peter tried to murder his brother only once…”).

Check it out here.

For subscriptions to Electric Literature go be bedazzled at their homepage.

One of my, many, favorite Millet sentence comes from the opening chapter of My Happy Life:

Or if the door melted, white steel turning to liquid, and flowed out between its own edges, bending like a spoon and spreading out across the floor in a lake of metal, I would also walk out in that case.

If only I could animate!


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