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If you haven’t happened upon these folks already, check out VOL. I Brooklyn.  Pithy, smart, and refreshingly down to earth, they’re a Brooklyn based arts and culture blog that covers everything from books, to music, to scrapbooking hilarious news clips and quotes.  Though admittedly “literary-minded,” beyond their ability to wisely geek out about great books which you might not have heard of, what keeps me coming back is the simplicity of the format – they like lists and links and lots of ’em – and their fondness for marginalia.  (Also, Brooklyn Vegan is one of the “People They Like.”  Check plus.)

Some post which made my recent favorites:

Tobias Carroll’s review of Prose.  Poems.  a novel. by Jamie Iredell

Dear New York Magazine – Vol I BK’s letter to New York Mag about their top 40 songs that define Brooklyn “sound” right now * Side note – Nice St. Vincent shout-out. “Marry Me,” please, do so.

Representative Post Titles:

Bites: Henry Miller in LA, Bolano was a Reader, Frost Sent Christmas Cards, Art Basel is on, Idiots, and More

Bites: Phone Booth Libraries, The Cows that Killed Jane Austen, Cormac McCarthy to Sell the Remains of His Writing Career, A Remnick Interview, and more

Random Thanksgiving Bites: Punk Photographers, Victorian Veggies, Leftovers, Thanks for Kerouac, and More


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