Claymation from Electric Lit; Aleksander Hemon on Translation & European Fiction

Check out Electric Literature’s latest installment of their single sentence animation project.   Up on the docket?  A sentence from Lydia Davis’s “The Cows” interpreted in claymation by artist Donna K.

In other news, I can’t wait to read Best European Fiction, 2010, Dalkey Archive’s recent dreamchild.  35 writers.  30 countries.  A tribute to the press’s enviable commitment to translation. Check out interviews with editor Aleksander Hemon here and here.

I particularly enjoyed this excerpt from Hemon’s interview in Papercuts on the “exotic:”

“Exotic” describes something so wholly outside of “our” experience as to be interesting if incomprehensible. The writing in our anthology is not exotic — it is fully intelligible to a reader willing to go beyond the comfort zone of blatant banality. A literature that takes itself out of global conversation is bound to be reduced to nationalistic navel gazing. The panic reigning in the American publishing industry notwithstanding, I think that the future of translation in America is bright. On the one hand, I think there has always been curiosity and desire to communicate with the rest of the world, even if both impulses are perceived by the exceptionalists as symptoms of treason.

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