“Christmas Card” by Etgar Keret, Presented by Electric Literature



Details of the Last Supper, c. 1986, (Double Jesus), by Andy Warhol

I received the above image and below ‘card’ in an email from Electric Literature yesterday.  The image struck a chord, as I have recently been re-reading sections of a biography of Andy Warhol by Wayne Koestenbaum and working on a personal statement about teaching the short short, a form of which Keret is a champion.  I thought I would repost the opening to Keret’s  “Christmas Card” below.  To read it in full, check the Electric Literature blog here.

Christmas Card

by Etgar Keret

There was this guy who could walk on water. Not that that’s such a big deal. Lots of people can walk on water. They usually don’t know that because they don’t try. They don’t try because they don’t believe they can do it. In any case, that guy believed, and tried and did it. And that’s when the whole mess began.

* Translated by Sondra Silverston.  Etgar Keret can be found at www.etgarkeret.com.

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