Big Time Sensuality

I’ve been watching the Directors Label DVD’s recently.  The binge was prompted by having seen Jonathan Glazer’s first feature film, Sexy Beast.  (Glazer is more widely recognized perhaps for his work on the video for Jamiroquia’s “Virtual Insanity.”  Why is this video in every memory of awkward suburban teenagers watching MTV in the 90’s that I have?).  I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of his second film, Birth.

Two nights ago I watched the above music video for Bjork’s “Big Time Sensuality,” shot by director, Stéphane Sednaoui.

“I want this to be played at my funeral someday,” I told my lover.

“You’re always saying exaggerated things like that,” he said.

The video prompted a comparison to Michel Gondry’s take on Bjork’s, “Bachelorette.” (Amazing in a more, “I’m a kid in a f-ed up fairy tale” kind of way, ala Roald Dahl or Angela Carter).

The ultimate find thus far was this clip from the Gondry DVD, the video for the White Stripes’  “Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground.” I woke up the next morning to an incredible dream.   My lover was leaving for work.  It seemed we’d only just fallen asleep.  The hour was ungodly.  When he kissed my cheek, I had the feeling of our bodies slipping by each other in translucent overlap.  My apartment was full of leaves.  In the kitchen, there was a pink formica table from the 50’s lined in silver brads.

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