Two of Three Things I (Now) Know & (Often) Enjoy

Photo Credit: from Days With My Father by Philip Toledano

I’ve been shuffling through photo blogs for inspiration these past few months.  Thought I’d post a few of my favorites here.  The above is a shot from a series by Philip Toledano posted on 2 or 3 Things I Know, one of the best design, art, and craft blogs that I’ve come across.  Clean.  Lyrical.  The photos range from snapshot to lifestyle to quirky fashion and design.  The writing is pretty great too.  For me, the blog is structured like a well written joke.  Clean.  Restrained.  Lyrical.  It tows a smart line.

Others links that have been Frequenting my Rotation:

Nobody’s Hippie:  Reminds me of a Vintage Valentine.  Great color.  Incredible texture.  Organizationally it’s not shy to make a mess of things.  But the clutter is what caught my eye and keeps me coming back.

Gravure Magazine: The New American Style Journal:  Features spreads from their print magazine as well as some interesting video pieces that focus primarily on fashion and portraiture.

Contributing Editor: My favorite photographer forwarded me this link the other day.  Curious to return.  Got a chuckle out of this one spread… I do love a bright poppy red.   DREAM ON BOYS!!! I BEG TO DIFFER…

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