A Best of Fence: The First Nine Years

Fence just issued an exclamation.  Two, in fact.  Check out their new A Best of Fence: The First Nine Years, edited by Founder Rebecca Wolff.  Organized as a retrospective with individual sections curated and introduced by their various editors over the years, this double feature packs more than most box sets.   Volume II, Fiction and Nonfiction, alone is inimitable.

Highlights Include: Introductions by Jonathan Lethem, Ben Marcus, Anthony Hawley, Lynne Tillman, Jason Zuzga, Rick Moody, and Wolff herself. Stories by: Kelly Link, Sam Lipsyte, Miranda July, Gary Lutz, Shelley Jackson, Wells Tower, Aimee Bender, Matthew Derby, Lydia Davis, and many others.

Sample Titles To Live & Die By: “The Woman Who Cut off Her Leg At The Maidstone Club,” “Nine Attempts At A Life,” “Things Penguins Do,” “Ronald Regan: A History of Propaganda in Motion Pictures”

Check out my review of Volume II over at the Indie Books column of The Faster Times. 

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