If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Belong

Curious to check out Scott Campbell’s show – If You Don’t Belong, Don’t Belong – when I return to the city.  The show, Campbell’s first solo exhibition, opened April 29th at OHWOW on 109 Crosby St. to a throng of inked visitors.  Check out the photos from the opening over at Purple magazine’s blog.

Most known for his work as a tattoo artist and his dollar bill sculptures, Campbell’s show was reviewed over at at SLAMXHYPE.com:

Along with the currency series, Campbell will exhibit a collection of hologram paintings-using a unique process-that resemble chipped carnival mirrors or nicotine stained rainbows. The imagery borrows from working-class escapism, and Campbell is fluent with this dialect. Additionally, he will exhibit a collection of etchings printed from copper plates “tattooed” in the same manner as actual skin. One piece carefully renders a cigarette smoking vagina, another a long-stem rose. What the two dimensional work shares with the cut currency is a specific vernacular, as they also disclose a fastidious nature and display the artist’s ability to capture zeitgeist. The work pays homage to the thousands of stories Campbell has committed to flesh in an eloquent narrative of hopes and distractions. This exhibition exemplifies Campbell’s mastery of his imagery, highlights our complicated relationship with money, and reveals his continued concern with the human condition.

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