Thoughts On Cuba

Journalists report Cuba’s current ration system provides its citizens approximately 12 days worth of food a month.  Today, the BBC announced that the Cuban government, a single party system, is devaluing its currency 8% to match the US dollar in an “effort to increase tourism;” “each convertible peso will still be worth 24 of the standard pesos in which most Cubans are paid under the communist island’s two-tier currency system.”

This effort will make “foreign imports more expensive, but the government said it hoped to compensate for this by increasing domestic production, especially food.” In fact, according to Patrick Symmes’ interesting piece of investigative journalism, “30 Days As A Cuban,” published in Harper’s in 2010, state production of food fell 13 percent in 2010.  There are fewer entries for food in Cuban’s libretas – the state issued food ration book – than during the starving “Special Period” in 1995.

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