“A Small, Nearly-Vanishing Community”

I am eagerly anticipating

launching into Ben Marcus’s

new novel, The Flame Alphabet.

The above is a trailer for the book out from Erin Cosgrove

at Creative Capitol.

The Millions posted an interview with Marcus

recently here.

The piece is aptly titled, “Lethal Language: Ben Marcus Urges Writers To March On The Enemy.”

This is what drew me to Ben’s work originally:

“We are in a time when narrative tradition is getting honed and exquisitely refined by the novelists who are considered major: very subtle improvements on an established method. But the premise of art is that writers will seek new methods to reach people with language. This isn’t experimental at all: it’s traditional. It’s a tradition for artists to push forward and try to do new things. Such a project has defined the making of art from the very beginning. There’s nothing more traditional than that.”

It is encouraging to hear Marcus recall for us

that language which is wrestling with how

to reinvent form

in not difficult or troubled.

Rather these works remain the beacon of accessibility,

the call for expanding the brain toward

new comprehensions.

Indeed the ream of language-smiths

can sometime seem a small,

nearly vanishing community.

However, it is one with

dedicated arbiters.

Ben Marcus

is an exacting one.

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