“Salty Dog And Uncle Sam”

I have a story up today at TwoSeriousLadies here. The website is a new online journal created by Lauren Spohrer.
The title of the sight comes from a short Jane Bowles novel.  It is a sight devoted entirely to writing by women. I
am really thrilled to have a piece up here.  The sight features a “vanished page” from Heidi Julavits’s forthcoming novel, The Vanishers, as well as stories by Catherine Lacey, Kayla Blatchley, Roxane Gay, Diana Hamilton, Andrea Morales, Amanda Shapiro, Lesley Yalen and the Anonymous writer of MyDeadParents.  I respect and admire these women’s work immensely.
Many thanks to Lauren Spohrer
for including me.
Lauren is not only a dear friend
but a wildly urgent talent.
Check out her new chapbook,
Just Kids,
co-authored with Lawrence Giffin,

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