I recently saw Wim Wenders’ documentary


It reminded me of a performance piece I’d seen in Prague a number of years ago,

whose title I wish I could now remember,

about a woman who gets trapped in a circus.

Set in a visually striking, surreal landscape,

under Wenders’ 3D direction,

Pina Bausch’s choreographies take on

a vivid, visceral, and at times wonderfully comic quality

that marries the best of dance, narrative and experimental theatre.

Wenders’ documentary is staged as a picaresque,

a mixture of various 3D dance sequences which read much like mini-stories

interspersed with brief reflections / interviews

with dancers from Pina’s company over the years.

The documentary’s fragmented, anecdotal quality reminded

me of some of the nostalgic picturescapes of Roy Andersson’s film You The Living.

And too of the elegiac quality of some of

Marguerite Duras’s novels,

most notably Destroy, She Said,

with their focus on staging and the body.

Pina Bausch.

I would love to know more about this incredible woman.

Well worth an afternoon.


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