The new issue of NOON just arrived!

The issue features work by Kim Chinquee, Glynis Clews, Roxanne Gay, Brandon Hobson,

Vi Khi Nao, Ted Krinkos, Elan Lafontaine, Clancy Martin, Lincoln Michel, Greg Mulvahy, Dylan Nice, Joanna Ruocca,

Valerie Shaff, several pieces by A. L Sniders translated by Lydia Davis from the Dutch, Lauren Spohrer, Robert Tindall,

Deb Olin Unferth, James Yeh and Anya Yurchyshyn.

As well as drawings by Augusta Gross, embroideries by Karen Reimer and photography by Bill Hayward.

I have long admired the urgency and tenacity

which Diane Williams conjures

across NOON’s pages.

There is both a rigorous candor and a strident democracy

to these pieces as a whole which reflect

the generosity and dedication of NOON’s editorial vision.

It is a humble honor to have a short piece in the new issue,

in the midst of so many dear friends

and voices whom I admire.

We owe Diane Williams a great deal of thanks

for inspiring us with both her own craft and

her commitment to publishing an annual

who’s lens on the world

lifts readers from out of their seats

and leaves them suspended in

an urgent new world.


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