It’s Here!

I was delighted by my first sighting of Short: An International Anthology of Short Prose last night. I am honored to have a story included in this inimitable collection along with so many writers whom I’ve long admired. Contemporary works by Christine Schutt, Dawn Raffel, Diane Williams, Ben Marcus, Ben Lerner, Lydia Davis, Lynne Tillman, Anne Carson, Joy Harjo, Amy Hempel, Gary Lutz, Deb Olin Unferth, Etgar Keret, Joe Wenderoth, Kim Chinquee, Aimee Bender, Sarah Manguso, Jayne Anne Phillips, amongst many others. And long time favorites such as Charles Simic, Gianni Celati, Kafka, Borges, Phillip Lopate, Michael Ondaatje, Ron Padget, Luisa Venezuela, Mark Strand, Russell Edson, Donald Barthelme, Italo Calvino, John Cage, Raymond Queneau, Nathalie Sauraute, Francis Ponge, John Ashbury, Frank O’Hara, Gertrude Stein and the list goes on. With eternal heart and indebtedness to the poet, editor, mentor and generous soul that is Alan Ziegler for his courage, curiosity, and limitless vision.

Here’s a picture of our stalwart editor, Alan Ziegler, at his celebratory dinner last night.   Contributor copies aren’t out till February.  But you can advance order on Amazon here!

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