Various Paradigms


Photo of Luke Goebel by the writer’s sister, Marie Goebel. 

Excited to spill the beans on a new project I’m working on over at The Believer.  I’ll be writing and curating a bimonthly column for the Logger called Various Paradigms. The title is a tribute to conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner’s typographic texts. Weiner once wrote, “Bits and Pieces Put Together To Present A Semblance of A Whole.” This column hopes to follow in that tradition of engagement, intimacy and experiment. Check out this new post with writer, good friend, and co-conspirator on the page, Luke B Goebel! Thank you to Penina Roth for reuniting Luke and I amongst the readers at Franklin Park Reading Series earlier this month. Luke and I met for coffee the next day and talked about the following: The Corona Cougar portable typewriter, gaping wounds, emotional support animals, units of sound, Barry Hannah, Freudian analysts, Texas, the Breaking Bad RV, writing in the “Bounder,” and how to farm out a plane.  For the full interview, click here!

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