Novel Excerpt In The World!


Someone else around here is really interested in reading the new NOON! An excerpt of my novel is just out in this weekend’s mail & in such thrilling company. With much thanks to Diane Williams once again for unearthing the first slice of this novel in my own mind and revealing it in the pages of NOON.  This is NOON’s 15th anniversary issue.  It features exceptional work by  Chiara Barzini, Kayla Blatchley, Tetman Callis, Kim Chinquee, Rebecca Curtis, Lydia Davis, Brandon Hobson, Elan Lafontaine, Clancy Martin, Lincoln Michel, Dylan Nice, Julio Pecly, Ashton Politanoff, Lily Hoy Price, Christine Schutt, Rhoads Stevens, Robert Tindall, James Yeh and Anya Yurchyshyn.  Thank you, Diane, for producing such a thing of beauty.


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