The American Reader – “The Big Bleed”

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“Writing is a lonely sport.”  I tell my students this at the start of every semester.  For all those days of solitary trying in what is this often lonely and troublesome sport of writing, there comes that one crystal clear fall morning where a publication long in the pipeline emerges and you can finally set a Linda Ronstadt album spinning on the record player and dance with your cats in the kitchen with a cup of coffee and a good pair of wool socks. This fall gifted me with one of those exceptional days and I am so grateful.

I am beyond honored and excited to have new fiction in the latest issue of The American Reader along with Rebecca Schiff and the inimitable Luke B. Goebel. With great thanks to Ben Marcus for publishing my story “The Big Bleed.” I’ve long admired Ben’s fiction ever since my days as a bookseller in Cambridge before graduate school when Thalia Field, a great poet and teacher and mentor of mine, first recommended his “The Age of Wire And String.” Now all these years later it somehow feels like the wheel has, for a moment, come full circle, which makes it worth all those lonely days of “sport.”

Copies of the issue are available in bookstores or online here.


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