Granta – “Birdie”


Very honored to have new fiction up today at Granta in celebration of their American Wild issue. Vandalism! Warhol Whoopie Pies! And a new currency system of “Opportunity Tickets!”  Thank you to the ever-brilliant Yuka Igarashi for publishing my story, “Birdie,” in which I imagine an alternative response to Detroit’s urban decay.

“The city had earmarked them as tear-downs during the first stage of a larger urban planning initiative – a large ‘D’ for Demolition had been written in white chalk on the front doors of the dilapidated multi-family structures, veterans of a time when Detroit was still a factory town, a place where the music of Motown fumed larger than the gusts of exhaust unleashed from the chains of cars which tumbled off the assembly lines at the auto factories and straight onto those glistening American freeways.

For the full story, please read here

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