Spring unearthed a new critter in my mailbox yesterday. At least this one wasn’t trying to break into the compost! Excited to have a second novel excerpt in the new NOON annual. Alongside so many people I love and whose work I hold dear. I just had the chance to sit down and start reading the new issue last night.  It features exceptional work by Augusta Gross, Deb Olin Unferth, Robert Tindall, Brandon Hobson, Susan Laier, Clancy Martin, Kayla Batchley, Mary South, Greg Mulcahy, R.O. Kwon, Kevin Thomas, Kim Chinquee, James Yeh, Ashton Politanoff, Kristof Kintera, Lincoln Michel, Kathryn Scanlan, Darrell Kinsey, Erin Osborne, and Christine Schutt.

Thank you to Diane Williams for being such a champion of my debut novel, White Nights In Split Town City.  More news to come! ‪#‎noonannual‬ ‪#‎whitenightsinsplittowncity‬


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