The Believer – An Interview with Josh Wool

img199 copy

What makes for a fun summer afternoon in the Catskills? Developing tintypes out of the back of photographer Josh Wool’s car. I am honored to have sat for him as part of his Artist Initiative Project for VSCO about writers, artists and creatives types living in the Hudson Valley. Together, we talked about the influence of the south in his work, the purity of the flawed, and what it takes to make an artistic community:…/11…/the-purity-of-the-flawed


3 thoughts on “The Believer – An Interview with Josh Wool

  1. Loved this piece! I love the natural beauty that’s captured in the tintype photos. From your descriptions of the local art communities in the North, it seems as though the both of you value that quality in life as well, which is vital (I’m sure) to an artist or writer for the creative process, and is a wonderful contrast to the artificiality that seems to be everywhere nowadays.

    Does the finished product come out on a hard plate? How do you preserve the image and keep it from fading?

  2. Thank you, Janet! I’m so touched that you enjoyed it. Yes – it is wonderful to step away from the artificiality of the build world and allow nature to be our own best architect. I hope you keep writing and that your studies are going well! The finished product does come out on a hard rectangular plate – I think there is a fixer that sets it. I’m not sure about preservation. You’d have to ask Josh about that 😉

    1. That’s really interesting. Is it the same process that’s used to make those Civil War-era daguerreotypes?

      I’m doing well this semester and writing when I have time. What about you? How is your novel coming along? I was excited to see your post about it. Where are you teaching nowadays?

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